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Dec. 19th, 2006

  • 4:33 PM

Title: Merry Christmas
Pairing: Jack and Bill
Rating- pg-13
Warnings: Bill's temper, whiney Jack.
A/n For st_minority, as part of the christmas drabble exchange, point 1 in "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill"

It’s Christmas Eve. A man sits in the bedchambers of a whore; he is not here to pay her custom, just a visit, as this woman is his sister. She has given the room to himself and his lover for the night that they are in port, her bed is huge, and comfortable, with fine silk sheets, as she is very good at her trade, on her nightstand there is a scattered amount of objects, her rouge, her mascara and brush, her kohl, her blush, her perfume and her comb, all of these products are the best in the Caribbean, presents brought to her from her clients, her brother, hand friends. The man sits on a high backed chair, reading a novel by a man whose name is forgotten now. He sits, and waits, like many men before him, but he wasn’t waiting for his sister but his lover, who is drinking in a distant tavern, he is waiting for his lover to find out the horrible news.
He hears the front door burst open, and heavy footsteps on the staircase, the door swings open.
“I don’t want you to marry her.”
Bill didn’t look up from his book, he merely frowned and continued reading, “What are you talking about, Jack?”
Nancy, I don’t want you to marry her.” Jack stood in the doorway, he was drenched from the rain outside, having ran all the way from the tavern to the inn after hearing the news, he looked scared and upset. And Bill knew it, that’s why he wouldn’t look up.
“Who said I was going to marry her?”
“She’s pregnant.” Jack waited for a response, none came, so he continued, “She’s pregnant and now you have to go back to England and marry her, and I know you want to because you love her and now she’s having your baby and she’s won because I cant.”
“What do you mean ‘she’s won’? I wasn’t aware you two were in any sort of competition.” Still his eyes remained on the pages of his book, not reading though, scanning over the same sentence hundreds of times. He had known she was pregnant, he had wanted to tell Jack, and he was going to, but it was just so… complicated.
“You know what I mean, you know you have to choose, so this is the decider, right?” Jack wiped at his face, why was Bill being so damn cold towards him? “She can give you children, she can be your wife? What can I be, Bill? Nothing! I’m nothing to you!”
“How dare you decide what you are to me Jack!” Bill jumped up and threw his book to the ground; Jack strode over until there was only a small table between them.
“You KNEW she was pregnant, you BLOODY KNEW! And you just led me on for another couple of fucks, didn’t you?”
“Well what else could you EVER be Jack? You’ve said it yourself, I can’t marry you, you can’t have my children, so of course you cant be ANYTHING to me!”
“Well it bloody feels like I’m nothing right now!”
“Oh you can be something alright, Jack, why don’t you be my WHORE! You have been for the last five years!”
Bill leapt over the table and grabbed Jack by the throat, slamming him against the wall, Jack kicked and screamed and threw punches but as usual Bill remained unhurt and furious.
“You know I hate this, jack? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE THIS! WHEN WE’RE FIGHTING LIKE THIS! But, since you are nothing but my little whore, I guess you should get used to being smacked about, yeah?”
Bill let go of Jack’s neck and dragged him over to the bed, where he flung him down.
"Bill please!" Jack looked terrified; he hated physical fights with Bill. Bill was at the dressing table picking up his sisters things, he held Jack down and painted him.
Black kohl, pink blush, a swipe of crimson to his lips.
"There, THERE, now you're the proper little wench, Jack, and how does it suit you?"
Jack looks up, crying so much pain in his eyes Bill can hardly bare to look at him.
Big brown eyes lined in black, it catches Bill’s breath, and then steals it away.
"Oh Jack..."
"Well then I guess I am your whore, Bill, your ever loving and submissive little pet-"
"Jack I-"
"NO! Merry Christmas Bill"
Jack gets up and storms to the door, wipes furiously at blush and paint, smearing the crimson down one side of his face, eyes still black.
"Merry Fucking Christmas."
Exit Jack.


st_minority wrote:
Dec. 22nd, 2006 01:09 am (UTC)
Yeah, I see him the same way. He's pretty mild-mannered, but I think he can turn angry at the drop of a dime. I think one does have to be calm when around Jack, lol.