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Dec. 19th, 2006

  • 1:44 PM

Title: 25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill 
Pairing: Jack/Bill
Rating: pg
A/n  This is for

st_minority christmas drabble exchange.

Its a list fic, as you might have guessed. Im going to try and turn each of the points into a fic, or at least half of them.

  1. It was Bill who first discovered Jack looked great with kohl under his eyes; he smeared it on him in a fight they would both like to forget.
  1. Jack never really wanted to join the Navy, he used to be scared of the ocean, but Bill wanted to and Jack followed him; like he would wherever Bill went.
  1. Bill refuses to believe Jack when he says “I love you” but he never fails to say it back.
  1. Jack hates it if Bill gives him that look…
  1. But loves when he gives him that one.
  1. Jack will never say anything romantic to Bill, not after the time he got drunk and spent half an hour telling Bill how pretty his eyes were, Bill didn’t stop laughing about it for a week.
  1. But what he doesn’t say in words he does with his actions.
  1. Jack says he hates it, but he secretly love’s when Bill plays with his hair.
  1. Bill knows this and uses it to his advantage.
  1. Bill loves the way all he has to do is stroke Jack down his side and his legs will just fall open.
  1. Jack doesn’t.
  1. The red bandana Jack wears was originally Bill’s; it was wrapped around Jacks head to stop bleeding from a deep cut he got by falling down a flight of stairs. Bill started laughing before he realized Jack was bleeding, and crying, and he still feels guilty about it to this day.
  1. Bill wears one of Jacks rings on his left hand, the only finger it fits on is his ring finger, and Jack grinned about that for ages.
  1. Jack sometimes wishes men could bear children so Bill wouldn’t stay with Nancy, but he would never tell anyone about that.
  1. Bill sometimes wishes it too.
  1. Bill knows one day he’ll have to pick which on to stay with, his boy or his girl, but somewhere in his gut he knows there’s really no decision to make.
  1. Jack was the only one that could make Bill laugh, until he saw his son, Jack feels bad but he can’t help but feel jealous of the tiny baby.
  1. Bill watches Hector like a hawk when ever he’s near Jack, Just like he did when Beckett was sniffing around him.
  1. For all his talk Jack doesn’t actually know how pretty he is, but Bill knows, and he knows that’s what usually gets Jack into trouble.
  1. Jack would hate to know he got described as ‘Pretty.’
  1. Bill will often catch Jack crying, but wont let Jack know he heard.
  1. Jack knows when Bill wakes up when he’s crying, and is grateful he doesn’t ask what’s wrong.
  1. Jack knows soon it will be over, Bill will go with Nancy and the baby, things will grow awkward between them and Bill will jump ship, Jack is more upset that he is losing his best friend than his lover, and sometimes wishes the last Christmas in the orphanage never happened.
  1. Bill wonders what would be different if they hadn’t slept together, Jack was always overly affectionate, Bill had always been over protective, and it would have been so much easier if they had been just good friends.
   25.  But if they could go back to the night where everything got that little more complicated, both of them know that they would never change a thing.


gypsyluv wrote:
Dec. 19th, 2006 10:53 pm (UTC)
I loved this so much... there are so many cute and totally clever things about it I would just have to list the entire list to let you know wich I liked best. I love Jack and Bill! ~hugs for writing it~
vous_et_moi wrote:
Dec. 20th, 2006 02:08 pm (UTC)
yay, hugs! I'm glad you enjoyed! hopefully you will like the fics that spawn from it!