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Nov. 5th, 2006

  • 9:32 PM

Title: No regrets?
Word count: Not many 
Prompt: Tattoo 
Pairings: ...Jack with one of the Williams, you have to guess which one before the end.
Warnings: Im writing it as I think it, so it may go horribly wrong, A wee drabble for y'all before I go off tonight to do serious damage to my young body (nothing emo, chicks, just a party) which has half inspired this, I am writing the POV through the eyes of some one on MDMA which is the un-kitchencleaner cut, pure version of ecstasy that though it is very bad for you, isnt as bad or risky as E. It looks like salt, tastes like death and though people who take drugs are idiots (I should know, im friends with half of them) it IS a lot of fun. if it doesnt all go wrong. So do as I say, not as I do in this case bunnies. 

written for (dun dun duuuunnnn) potc_love

"Hmm, yes Lizzy love?"
"When your shirt came up there, I couldn't help but see that-"
"That’s alright darlin' I wont tell you peeked."
"That wasn't what I was going to say! I couldn't help see your tattoo... Why... Why do you have that? Jack? Jack are you ok? Jack?"

No regrets...

Are you coming up?
Jack, are you coming up?

"Mmmm..." Jack slowly rolled his head to look at his friend, his eyes were as wide as his grin, "Think so, God, this chair feels really good" He ran his hand over the material he could feel every crinkle in the cloth, " I must sound like an arse..."
"Not at all", His companion Smiled, "You just enjoy it." His voice sounds like honey... if honey had a sound...
"How the hell did you get into this anyway? I always thought you were such a good boy" He took deep breaths, in through his nose, out through his mouth, he felt so strange, he couldn't stop smiling, and every time he saw that William was smiling he wanted to laugh. His eyes wanted to shut but they also wanted to stay open, taking everything in that he had never noticed before. 
"I love you William" He said before taking a large swig of the water jug that was on the table in front of him, God, water was SO good! Why had he never noticed that water was so good...
"I bet you do, William laughed, "Love you too, move over"
Jack did and the taller man sat beside him, throwing his arm around Jacks shoulder, Jack felt warm, he couldn't ever remember feeling as much love for anyone as he felt just now for William... and his crew, and the whole tavern, he sighed contentedly, then he laughed again.
"I wanna tattoo, come on, lets go get another tattoo!"
"You'll regret it!"
"No I wont, I want your name, because I love you, and because..."
"You alright Jack?"
"Yeah. Yes. I'm fine, I'm good, and I’m on top of the world." He mumbled, his eyes closed, he took a few more deep breaths, he felt tired, but good, and as soon as he thought it, it was gone, and he was wide awake again.
"Please, Come on mate, probably won’t even be sore, come on, right on me hip."
William Laughed, "I like you on this, you're funny."
"I like me on it too." He smiled, it felt weird but... from his belly button to his knees he was all tingly, he leaned over and whispered in his mates ear, "Is it supposed to tingle?"
"I’m all... tingly, like... being in too hot water or... or like after you've came"
William snorted with laughter, "Yeah, yeah some people get that, its ok."
"Right, just checking... TATTOO! NOW!"

The rest of the night was a blur of laughter, and colours and... Well, he couldn't describe it now... there was a stinging on his hip, he pushed the cover off of him, Turner grunted from being subjected to the cold and Jack smiled softly as his back, there was a bandage pressed over his hip, and he remembered, he had gotten a tattoo. He peeled of the bandage to have a look.
That was all, not William Turner, not Bootstrap, Just a tiny swirl of a B, he smiled, he liked it. No regrets.

No regrets...

"Jack! Jack what is it? please stop crying Jack, I'm sorry, please stop crying!"


Ok so in Elendor land Its national take it out on Jack week...
Hope I didn't offend any of you writing a fic about drug abuse, alcohol is accepted in fics, I wasn't sure how you would all feel about this...
love n stuff