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Nov. 3rd, 2006

  • 2:48 PM

Title: He Doesn' t Want you.
Prompt: Guilt
Rating: R
Word count: a lot, so its split in two! yay! and a picture, you lucky ducks
Characters: Barbossa, Bill, Jack, randompirates(TM)
Pairings: Bill/Jack
Authors Note: Second post to potc_love  and still one of the best things I've written in a while. This is my version of the whole, mutiny thing... Jack is Cute!Jack in this, he be only 20, just believe me ok! hope you enjoy lovies!

Am still thinking of turning this into a proper fic.

He hit the deck with force; he was still dizzy, unsure what was going on, all he knew was that something was wrong. Very, very wrong.
“Get up, ye snivelling coward.”
Jack scrambled to his feet as fast as he could, still groggy with sleep his mind tried to process what was going on, the shirt from his back was ripped clean off him, he yelped in surprise, which made the men around him jeer. He felt his wrists being grabbed and forced into shackles, which were then pulled high over his head. He blinked once, twice, a third time, but still the image stayed, the men doing this to him were his very own crew.
Crack! went a whip at his back, he felt the pain, but he didn't take it in, Crack! Crack! Crack!
Wide eyes took in the sight; he was terrified, praying it might just be a nightmare, what had he done?
“Jack, lad, we’ve been having a little discussion.”
That was Hectors voice, loud and commanding, Jack tried to speak but no sound would form in his mouth.
“We think yer maybe a little young to be captain of this here fine vessel, so yer being… demoted.” The crew laughed sinisterly, Jack finaly made a noise; he whimpered. “You’re just a young thing after all, oh, and of course we don’t really appreciate our captain being little more than a rent boy and a whore.
Jacks eyes widened, and he searched through the group for Bill. There he was, staring at his feet, scowling.
“Bill!” he shouted, finding his voice.
“When I’m older, ‘I’m going to be the captain of the fastest ship in the Caribbean, if you want, you can be my crew.”
“Is that so, Jack? I can’t sail anymore, not now Iv got William to look after.”
“You say that now, but one day you’ll need to sail again, my dad says you can never stay away from the sea.”
“Aye, well, shouldn’t you be in your bed?”
“I’m almost eleven you know, Ill go to bed when I want to!”
Bill turned his head away, Jack called him again but the man would not turn around.
“Bill! You owe me!”
“Damn you Beckett! Damn you to Hell! Come on Bill stay with me! Damn it!”
“Jack your hand!”
Jack looked up where still a faint scar shone in the middle of his palm, where he’d been pinned to the mast with Beckett’s dagger.
“It’s alright Bill, don’t die, please don’t die Bill… Who will help me outta this mess.
The fear of seeing Davy Jones for the first time…
“Damn it, what other choice do I have, fine, yes, save him, and save the ship, and I’m yours”
“Captain for only 13 years Jack, but highly impressive to be a captain at 19 years old”
“Yes, yes, very nice, now save him!”
Looks like the joke was on him, Captain for one year and a half, and stabbed in the back.
“You are too young to know anything of love, you’re 17.”
“I know I love you, isn’t that enough?”
“We cant… I’m 25 Jack, you’re just a boy, I’ve known you since you were the age William is now.”
3 years, what was three years? That’s all he had with Bill, he thought it would be longer, he thought maybe love counted for something, even for pirates, but clearly it did not.
“Ow, Bill it hurts!”
“I’ll stop!”
“No… no don’t stop, just… slower.”
“Alright, if you’re sure… God you have beautiful eyes.”
“Shut up, you big Jessie.”
White sheets and white lies, eh Bill? He tried to look back into Barbossa’s eyes; he found such scorn there, such hate.
Jack tried to get himself together, don’t go without a fight…
“No, left foot, move your left foot!”
“Swords are boring, why don’t I just hide behind you?”
“Or under me?”
The sweetest sound was the laughter heard while rolling about the floor with your lover.
“I love your hair Jack, its so thick and long and dark, I could run my hands through it all day.”
“Well don’t, we need to run a ship.”
“Later, I have a better idea for now.”
Scooping Jack up as if he weighed nothing.
“Back to bed with you, Jack”
Bill! I have to do captain-ey things!
“Bill! Please! I don’t know what I’ve done!”
Don’t ye get it, Sparrow? He doesn’t want you anymore.”
He doesn’t want you anymore.
I Love you Jack.
He doesn’t want you anymore.
Come here, darlin’, I’ll kiss it better.
He doesn’t want you anymore.
Jack come to bed, please, I need you.
He doesn’t want you any more.
“He doesn’t want me anymore?” Jack said, in shock, two fat tears fell from his eyes and trickled down his face, “He doesn’t want me?”
“That’s right lad, and neither do we. You see that little island over there?” Jack turned slowly, saw the tiny strip of land and nodded, “Well, that’s where your gonna live from now on, see, because no one wants ta see yer anymore.”
Anger was building up now, soaring through the pain.
“I will get of this island.” He said, with a calm and steady voice, “And I will follow you, I will hound you until the end of the earth if I have to, I will not eat but to carry on hunting, I will not sleep except to have dreams about running you through, and I will not rest until I have my ship back, Savvy?”
Barbossa only smirked.
“And Bill.” Bill flinched, “Look at me Bill.” Bill slowly brought his eyes up to Jacks, he was almost burned by the fury in them, “You better hope you’re not on board when I do catch up.”
The Crew unshackled him and dragged him over to the side of the boat, they went to push him overboard, Jack spat at them, and smiled “Enjoy her while it lasts Gents, as you are all destined for Hell."
Over he went, crashing into the waves, as he resurfaced he could hear their laughter; it only spurned him on faster to the island.
You have beautiful eyes.
Now he would line them with dirt.
I could run my hands through it all day.
Not anymore, no one would run their hands through his hair ever again.
Your laughter’s like bells.
He would never laugh again.
Bill shuddered and looked at Barbossa with revulsion, Barbossa laughed and patted Bootstrap on the side of his face.
“There, there, it’s done now.”
“And William?”
“Aye, He’s safe now, you did your duty.”
“I hate you for this.”
“I don’t doubt it lad. You really loved him didn’t you?” Barbossa started to laugh like a mad man, all Bill could do was sit on the deck and weep.

 The end.

Yeah I know, but I hate scanners, its actually a pretty good sketchy otherwise...


woolymonkey wrote:
Jun. 12th, 2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
oooooh! We've been thinking alike about this mutiny thing - luckily, not identical, but still weird.
The two bits near the end where Jack's echoes of Bill's voice alternate with the present really get to me.
Have you seen justawench's pic of post-mutiny Jack? There's a link to it from the end of my 'Hector's Bargain' story.