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Dec. 31st, 2006

  • 6:02 PM

Title: I wouldn’t mind
pairing: Jack/Bill
Wordcount: 224
Rating: pg-13
a/n point 23 of "25 things no one knows about Jack and Bill" for the lovely St_minority, on the Potc_love Christmas Drabble exchange.

it’s a poem, yeah I know, shut up, Jacks feelings about loosing Bill to “the other woman”

I wouldn’t mind

If you didn’t love me

It would be easy

To just say goodbye

I wouldn’t cry

If you didn’t need me

If you didn’t want me

It’ be easy to lie

But it makes it harder

To know that you love me

It makes it harder to

Just turn away

Its just to hard

To give you to another

Its hard for me not to

Ask you to stay

Why do you have to pick

One or the other

Why did you have to

Fall for us both

Why couldn’t you

Keep it nice and simple

Why did you promise her

Your wedding oath

For isn’t it my ring

You wear on your finger

And isn’t it my bed

At night you do lie

And isn’t it me

Who brings food to the table

Isn’t it me you first heard

Scream and sigh

But she is your woman

The one who bears children

And I’m just your unspoken

Bit on the side

But I was here first

Or have you forgotten?

Am I just the secret who’s

Easy to hide

So please say you don’t

Love me

And say that you’ve chosen

Say that another’s to now

Warm your bed

Say it was fun

But it has to be over

So I’m not left doubting

The thoughts in my head

It would be easy if

You didn’t love me

It would be easy to

Walk away

But if there’s just a

Chance that you

Haven’t chosen

You know by your side

I’m likely to stay…


st_minority wrote:
Jan. 28th, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
Oh god, tell me they end up together!!! lol That's so heartwrenching! Poor Jack. He needs a hug.

This flows so well and it's so powerful; very nicely done. I love it. You're genius. :D