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Nov. 3rd, 2006

  • 3:09 PM

Title: Revenge is Bitter-sweet
Pormpt: Ice
Rating: pg
Pairing: Bill/Jack but not really
Warnings: ANGST! oh the terrible terribe angst!
word count: 500 exactly! YAAAASSS!!!

A/n this is the sequal to "He doesn't Want you" set after AWE. I am still considering turning this into a mini serise, but we shall see.

Bill had never seen a look like that before. Jack looked like he was trying to freeze Bill to the spot. William was standing next to the Captain. His son was laughing, speaking to Jack who was talking back but still had to take his eyes of off Bill. Jack hated him. There was no mistaking it, but what did Bill expect? A hug and a large glass of Rum? no, it looked like Bill was only still on the Pearl because of William.
Jack said something to Will and the boy went scampering off below deck. Jack started swaying towards Bill, He was so changed from the young man Bill had once known, The world had been cruel to Jack, all of that wide eyed innocence had gone, replaced by a haunted look, his skin was darker, his smile was twisted and his walk was over confident, he was nothing of the old Jack.
"Will you quit staring at me, Bootstrap?" Jack said when he was close enough.
"You quit staring at me first then."
"Why? It gettin' to you love?" Jack leaned in, "You thinkin' about what you did to me?" Bill felt a wave of guilt shiver down his back.
"Jack, let me explain-"
"NO! no you listen to me!" Jack whispered angrily, "I have spent the better part of ten years getting over you, and now I've helped your Boy to save you, and I'm letting you on the Pearl, and I've NOT told him how you used to warm my bed, or how you stood and watched as I was humiliated, I told him you were a good man, so STOP looking at me and him like I'm buggering him silly cause I'm not!" Bill scowled but did not deny that that’s what he had been doing, "Not that I haven’t had the chance, the boy adores me, but as you must have noticed he looks like you when you were 21." Jack sighed, "Its a shame that, he'd be such a good thing for me, he's a lovely boy. No thanks to you."
"That’s why I did it though Jack! Barbossa had Will!"
"You could have told me that! I would have jumped overboard myself!" Jack snarled, "But you just went along with it, you broke me cause you're such a coward, that’s why you ended up on Jones’ crew, cause you're a coward and you couldn't face up to your punishment, which was more than you deserved anyway, and guess what Bill, fortunes have been reversed, and I take great pleasure in telling you that I don't want you anymore, I don't even want to be around you, So keep out of my way, alright?”

Jack stormed off into his cabin, and slammed the door. With his back against it he slid down onto the floor and wept.

Oh he wanted Bill so badly, He wanted to claim him again, He wanted to kiss away all the pain his lover had gone through, he needed Bill to do the same for him, he wanted bill to see the scars on his back and weep, He wanted them to laugh around a fire about old times and
past adventures, and most of all he wanted to feel safe when he was sleeping again.

But that would never happen, He couldn’t let it happen, Because like a frosted over lake the sheet of ice surrounding his heart was one crack away from breaking and, though few people knew it, Jack Sparrow was afraid of drowning

love n stuff


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